Arts Projects

My work is an inquiry into societal and practice norms.

My photography explores the traces of humanity and nature on our built environment, through weathering, every day use, found objects and dereliction. I enjoy capturing and celebrating the resilience of nature to man made interventions, and my activist work has a heavy emphasis on calling out short term profit driven decisions that harm people’s connections to places whilst having a huge carbon cost as well.

With ceramics, I use different clays and methods to create multifunctional vessels with various forms, textures, finishes and colours probing perceptions of scale and materiality.

I also enjoy drawing and printing, examining rhythms, patterns and sequences in particular.

‘Stay your side’

A protest into the social and carbon costs of demolitions of old community and workplace buildings

Black Clay vessel
urban incidents

Found objects in unlikely places and the potential stories behind how they got there.

project to follow
project to follow

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