Climate & Nature Emergency Projects

The projects below are all working towards enabling people to envision a net zero carbon future. I use already existing technologies, measures and methods to describe how to achieve this both on a city level and as a single home. I hope they can ignite some hope in you that not just a sustainable – but a regenerative future is possible.

Victorian House of the Future This is a project to decarbonise my own two bedroomed Victorian terraced home, and bring it into the 21st Century free from reliance on fossil fuels, and resilient to climate change and to economic downturns. Follow my story.

World Heritage Insight: How will the decisions we make today manifest in the future? This is a visual discourse on how the World Heritage City of Bath can head towards a zero carbon future. Watch my 8 minute film.

The Writing’s on the Wall A project pitch for the Forest of the Imagination Festival centred on my children’s vision of a sustainable future.

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