The Writing’s on the Wall

As part of the Forest of the Imagination Festival in Bath, I am seeking funding to realise a project inspired by my children as a response to the climate and ecological emergency.

My children produced a list, in their own handwriting and in their own words, describing what they thought should be done to avert catastrophic climate change.

They wanted more renewable energy, less food waste, a ban on plastics worldwide and all cars to be electric, amongst a variety of other things.

Their words resonated with me, and I thought that would probably be so with others as well. The naivety in the handwriting but the seriousness of the message struck me as being a great opportunity for sharing as a visual art piece.

In the city we live in, much expense, time and effort is spent conserving historic buildings – a disproportionate amount! No where near as much is spent conserving our precious planet, without which, historic buildings become pretty pointless.

How about if my children’s words, and the words of other children – our future populations – shared their messages on these historic buildings, as lights projected onto their walls? What if those words turn into plants reclaiming our city from buildings and development? Would that help us imagine a future that is more mindful of the greatest risk of all – the loss of a healthy planet?

The writing is on the wall.

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